100 floors levels 71-80 walkthrough

level 71: change the three symbols (I marked in yellow) Like the picture attached

level 72: Follow exactly in that order –
1. slide the yellow car to the top
2. slide the red car to the top
3. slide the blue car to the top
4. slide the green car to the top
5. slide the white(last) car to the top

level 73: slide the box and Follow exactly in that order –

level 74: tap on the Triangles Until you get the picture colors

level 75: Balance the weights as in the picture

level 76: watch this –

level 77: tap on the green button 4 times

level 78: change the Squares colors like the image

level 79: Click on the puzzle on the wall and change the parts like the picture

level 80: look this for solution

It’s all complete solutions steps 71-80 for 100 floors version 1.4
Once they were new stages, would love to update new guides.
thanks for 100 floors official community


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