Beast Bound on iOS – Solutions and Guides

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This post for all fans of the game Beast Bound and please reply here with your solutions and any other guides for the game. Let Beast Bound prove to you that classic, story driven, and turn based RPGs have not been forgotten!

The game is chock full of all kinds of words so we sure hope you can read! If you’ve made it this far, you’ll probably be fine. If you’ve been faking it up ’til now, color us impressed. Saddle up with Cappi, your fellow beast-hunter and magical floating cat-panion, and dive into the lush island of Manaden, a vast world teeming with colorful characters and belligerent beasts.
Suddenly, your once failing beast hunting business is now booming! Sure, the world is overrun with dangerous monsters, but the jobs are just pouring in which is a good thing, right?… right?

The following are 4 comments of real app store users who loved it:
“Pretty Cool!. To the person that rated this a two star game, you are overly critical and wasted your keystrokes to criticize this game.” – 5 stars
“This is a perfect app for quick farming and finding materials to level up.” – 5 stars
“Fun!. It’s a fun game with a good mix of casual and nearly-serious.” – 4 stars
“Much love for this game. I recommend this to any turn-based combat fans.” – 5 stars

We gathered all part answers for this iPhone game, including last version levels:

AlphaBetty saga level 154 Tips

AlphaBetty – a fun, new word game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga – King’s first, social, mobile word game!Challenge your skills in a brand new word game that will take you on a rip-roaring adventure to the far-flung corners of the mouse world! Join Professor Alpha, Betty and their loyal friend Barney as they embark on an epic quest to collect new words and complete the Encyclopedia of Everything! 

If you want to complete the level quickly use the AlphaBetty saga level 154 walkthrough.

Let’s try to beat level 154 together here. Comments and tips are welcome.